I’m on vacation!

Officially starting today, I am on vacation from work for two weeks. (Woo!)

Unfortunately, this will not lead to more blog posts; at least not in the first week. I’m moving into my first house this week! Today is my closing date and even though I should be packing, I’m taking a break for a blog post (and some pizza!). I’m very excited and have been packing all weekend. I live in a tiny apartment right now, but it’s amazing how much stuff I have! Now, I just have to wait until my lawyer calls and tells me the key is ready to be picked up.

So, all this upcoming week will be painting, cleaning, and the actual move. I should be in by Friday. My parents and brother have come up to help me move and they’ll be here until next Monday. So, the second week is all mine. Hopefully, some new blog posts will appear that week. I have lots of ideas! Then, of course, the infamous 3-Day Novel Contest is the following weekend. I have a basic outline written up that I still have to tweak and expand a bit. I’ll probably be doing that next week, too!

Next time I write, I’ll be in my new digs. See you on the other side!