It Gives a Lovely Light, Draft Three: Day Two

All right. Day two is done.

excitement3I am equal parts distressed and bemused that my overall word count has decreased today. Decrease of 62 words. I have exactly three more words than I did when I started the week. Now, we’ve already established that word count is a poor judge of productivity but I had in my mind this was going to be a 70K novel. Why? Dunno. It just seemed like a good number, right in the middle of the expected 60-80K for YA. Instead, it’s hovering just under 65K. Nothing to sneeze at, I guess. The first draft I completed was about 61K and I was sure I had so much more to add. I still have a lot of work to do but nothing that will inflate the word count much more than it is. I guess I will have to settle for 65K.

I’ve started my first read of the full novel. I’ve decided to read the whole thing through once and make notes. I have a list of things I need to work on – which will be here on called The List, because it’s late and all my creative juices has gone into my novel – and I’m planning on adding and editing it as I go through the book. There’s several things I have added piecemeal over the last several months I haven’t had a chance to read through in the context of the rest of the novel. Between being a very fast reader and the fact I wrote the damn thing, I’m hoping the read through won’t take me long.

fingers crossed2Tomorrow, I’m going to be very dedicated to writing through pure necessity. I’ve scheduled a write-in with my writer’s group during the day. Starting at 10 o’clock (IN THE MORNING), I’ll be in a coffee shop working away until about 3. So far, only one person has committed to coming out to join me, but that’s enough.

I used the Pomodoro Technique today and it was quite successful once I got the hang of it. I kept forgetting to set my timer. I found I could pretty comfortably edit one chapter in one-ish Pomodoros. However, now I have completed all the chapters where I have critiques, so that measure is just about useless to me now. But I think I will continue to use it tomorrow.

So I think that’s it, my lovelies.

happinessI’m not quite done for tonight. I’m going to continue to read. But I will see you tomorrow, hopefully with some great, earth-shattering, life-altering news but something tells me you’re just going to hear me complain about word count some more.

Thanks for reading!



It Gives a Lovely Light, Draft Three: Day One

Well. Day one is on the books.

bored2I’m not sure how to gauge my success. I think I got a lot done. First chapter (that dreaded first chapter) is done and I’ve gotten through about half of my critique papers. I’ve made a list of everything that needs changing/fixing/adding/deleting. There’s a lot. There’s still four days, but there’s a lot.


I’ve also eaten a lot of chocolate raisins.

I kept track of my word count and have determined that to be, unsurprisingly, a poor indicator of progress. I have increased my word count by a whole 65 words! For those keeping track at home, that’s like, a third of this post. That means some additions, but also some subtractions. I got a late start this morning, totally my own fault, then spent more time than I should have on various social media sites (*cough TUMBLR cough*).

tumblerI think tomorrow requires more of a plan and more structure. The first thing I’m going to do is sit down and schedule out the day. I’m not going to go too nuts with it and schedule to the 15-minute chunk or something, but I think general goals will be helpful. If you have any suggestions for productivity apps, I’d be happy to hear them! One thing I might try that’s been floating around my job-type blogs is the Pomodoro Technique. I’ve heard good things. What techniques do you use to keep yourself on track and not distracted? Just turn the damn internet off, right?

All right, dudes and dudettes. I’m off to melt my brain with television until it’s time to go to bed. Then, all this all over again! Thanks for sticking around.