A Special Surprise…


In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a picture of  one of the first poems I ever gave someone . It is also the earliest poem written by me in existence. Sharped-eyed readers will notice a date in the upper right hand corner. That date is 1998. I wrote this for Mother’s Day when I would have been only nine years old, turning ten that August. I was known for a few years before then as a writer.

Goes to show that  some things really do just stick.


Less Than Forward Slash Three

I find it amazing
That you cannot actually see
Out of the corners of your eyes
Your brain
Instead of seeing the blackness that actually exists there
Fills in images
Of what it thinks is there
So, everytime you see something out of the corner of your eye
Not just the small movements
Of a nervous subconcious but
Your most peripheral vision
It’s because your brain is assuming it’s there
It’s an assumption
An educated guess
Based on the images you see when you look around

That’s why I see you

I see you in the corners of my eyes because
Even my unconscious, rational mind
Cannot understand why
You’re not there

Author’s Note: This poem seems incomplete but this also feels like an excellent place to stop. I have another poem that’s a work-in-progress that may fit nicely tacked onto the end of this one; however I promised poetry, and for once I shall deliver. The accuracy of the science is debatable as I am not a doctor, just a graduate of high school biology.