Writing Prompt #2

Happy Hallowe’en, everybody! I hope you night was sufficiently ghoulish.

I’m trying something new today. I bought a book the other day that is filled with writing prompts. So, on days when I don’t have anything to share, I will do a writing prompt from the book! To make things interesting, I might even do some prompts from the comments.

Prompt: Put your iPod on random shuffle, write down the lyric of the first song that comes on, and use it as an opening line. Here we go!

“Hush, just stop.” Amanda’s mother said. “There’s nothing you can do or say.”

“I loved him, Mom!” Amanda cried into her mother’s shoulder. “He told me he loved me, too.” Her mother smoothed her hair and dried her tears.

“I know, sweetheart,” she began, “but it doesn’t always work out.”

“And now he’s with Trisha! Trisha of all people.”

Amanda’s mother stifled a smile. She remembered teenage heartbreak. She remembered how intense and painful and how ultimately fleeting it was. She couldn’t say this to her daughter, though, of course. This was a lesson she would have to learn in her own time.

“Trisha was my friend,” Amanda continued. “We went to the Spring Fling on double dates. How could she do this to me?!” She began to cry again.

“I know you feel betrayed,” said her mother, “but Trisha liked Michael, too. You told me yourself when you first started dating… last month.” She tried to keep the sarcasm out of the added ‘last month’. It seemed like Amanda was getting her heart broken every other week.

“You would stick up for Trisha! You always liked her better than me!”

Amanda’s mother was startled by this escalation. “Well, that escalated quickly.” She was trying to make Amanda laugh but it did not work. “Of course I don’t like Trisha better than you. You’re my daughter. But you and Trisha have been friends for years; it’s not uncommon that you would like the same boy. Did you think of how Trisha felt when Micheal chose you?”

Amanda brushed the comment off, “she said she was cool with it.”

“And what did you say when Trisha told you she was dating Micheal?”

“That I was cool with it and I was over him.”

“Do you see my point?” Amanda’s mother asked.

With a deep sigh, Amanda answered, “yes.”

“Now come give me a hug and go finish your homework,” Amanda’s mother said with outstretched arms.

Amanda got up off her knees, gave her mother a hug, and went into her room. Loud music began to emanate from the room, indicating that Amanda was going to be just fine.

What do you think? Would you have gone another way with the same first line? Do you have a prompt you’d like me to do? Leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading!