Excerpt #1 – This.

It was raining; not hard, just enough. It was a warning that a storm was coming. Jake tried to ease me into his car to take me home but I didn’t want to leave. The rain was beautiful, the air was cold, and I didn’t want this moment to end. That’s when he kissed me. I didn’t kiss him back at first. It was like I was half dreaming and I woke up when his lips met mine. He kissed me again, and this time I kissed him back. He was my first kiss and it was amazing. Experiencing it is so much better than reading about it in all those books I have my nose in all the time. The real thing was more passionate, more intimate, and certainly more satisfying. All those things girls who have never kissed a guy worry about, like where to put your hands, if you close your eyes, what you’re supposed to do with your tongue, it all just comes naturally. It’s like kissing is the most natural thing in the world and you’re just supposed to do it all the time. I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they told me that.