Writing Prompt #6

Write a story in which each sentence will begin with a different letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A, and moving sequentially, i.e. B, C, D, and so forth. 

A cold wind threw Ana’s hair in all directions as she waited for Brian. Brian was late, as always.

“Can’t that man ever be on time,” thought Ana. “Doesn’t she deserve that much?”

Even as she was thinking about leaving, Brain’s car pulled up next to her’s in the damp, evening light.

“Finally,” Ana said to Brain.

“Getting here was hell tonight, Ana,” said Brian. “How about cutting me some slack?”

“I am forever cutting you some slack, Brain.”

Just as the same old fight was about to begin afresh, there was a small tap coming from the back window of Ana’s car. Kiera stared at her parents. Like every Thursday night, the three of them stood in the local police station parking lot to facilitate a custody exchange. Many a time before, back when these things were held in driveways like normal people, these exchanges had gone sour.

“Nevermind,” Ana said. Opening the car door, Ana said, “Would you like to go see your Dad?”

Pretty much immediately, Kiera was out of the car and crossed the pavement to her father’s arms. Quintessentially daddy’s little girl, Kiera was thrilled to see her father but upset to be parted from her mother. Reluctantly, Ana shut the door and made her way to the driver’s side door. Since she met Brian, he had made her life nothing but miserable. To be sure, there were some happy times but Kiera was the only thing that made knowing Brian worth it.

Usually Ana would drive home and enjoy her weekend off. Very soon, Kiera would be home again. When Ana was growing up, this was not the way she pictured her life. Xylophones, stuffed bears, and all other sorts of toys always littering the floors, an exhusband she could barely stand, in-laws that helped her more than her own parents did, and never finishing university after an unplanned pregnancy gone wrong. Yawning, Ana pulled into the driveway of her empty suburban home. Zero people, zero things waited for her there and the thought crossed her mind, just briefly, that’s the way she liked it.