3DNC – End of Day Three

So, it’s the end and I made it!

I just submitted my completed novel to the contest website. I’m stoked that I finished. I have no illusions about winning; I’m sure there are 3-Day novels being submitted as we speak that are leaps and bounds better than mine. But I didn’t do this to win, I did it for the experience.

I know yesterday I was all about quitting. I’m glad I didn’t. I almost wrote more today than I did in the other two days combined! It was a great experience. I wrote more this weekend than I ever did before. This is the longest piece I’ve ever written. Granted, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t very long but I’m still proud of myself.

Here’s the statistics, as usual:

  • 15,944 words
  • 13 chapters
  • 50 pages (double spaced)

I can’t say I’m already planning for next year. I don’t think this is how my creative process works. I didn’t mind doing so much writing, where my downside was that I was working on the same thing so furiously. Many times throughout the contest, I came up with ideas about other projects that I’m working on. I had to note them and turn back to my “novel”. I didn’t like that. I enjoy bouncing between projects.

All in all, I don’t regret it and I’m thankful I finished but I think this will be my first and final year.


3DNC – End of Day Two

End of day two. I guess that means I owe you a blog post!

Day two was not my best day. I gave up fairly early in the day considering I didn’t start until 10am and took a two hour nap after lunch. I just couldn’t write this story anymore. I don’t want to say for sure that I’ve quit the contest – I may wake up wondrous tomorrow – but I quit today. Mentally, I’m not there. It’s t the stress of the move, I know. Change is harder on me than it is for most folks. It was really poor planning on my part.

But I did write some so as promised, the statistics:

– 8,915 words
– 23 pages
– 8 chapters

It’s the furthest I’ve ever gotten in writing a novel. The novel I’ve worked on the most (which admittedly wasn’t much) has just a hair over 8,000 words, half of which I’m planning to scrap. So, all in all, I say this was a success for me whether I do anything tomorrow or not.

But seriously, don’t expect me to do this next year.

3DNC – End of Day One

Well, it’s the end of day one and I’m still alive!

How? I’m not exactly sure. Lots of breaks (too many breaks) and junk food would be my guess. I’ve reached the point in the story that I wanted to get to by the end of today (plus some) so, overall I am satisfied.

I found the real key to surviving this contest, especially day one, is to ignore the word count! Especially ignore everyone else’s word counts! The organizers of the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest encourage participants to stay away from social media and I can understand why. It’s easy to get lost in other people’s progress: Some people are in the tens of thousands of words already! That’s pretty intimidating. However, I am enjoying the social aspect of the contest now that I’ve learned to stop stressing about how many words I’ve got down.

But for posterity, here are my stats:

  • 6,274 words
  • 5 chapters
  • 16 pages (1.5 spacing)

I would have said that I needed to get to 10,000 words a day to really be “in” the contest, but this is easily the most I’ve ever written in one day, ever! So, I have to be happy with that. And I am. I’m hoping to learn from today: take maybe more breaks, but shorter; not eat so much junk food; and drink more water.

How about all the rest of you 3-day novelists?

So it begins…

Tonight at midnight, I will be taking on the challenge of the 3-Day Novel Contest.

I’ve been looking forward to it all week! The only writing on it I’ve done has been within the rules: I’ve made a detailed outline, plotted major pieces of action, and all the major characters. I’m horrible of thinking of names on the spot, so I have extra names if I need them.

What I’m planning to do today to prepare is (in no particular order):

  1. Get the rest of my stuff unpacked from the boxes I still have lying around;
  2. Take out the said empty boxes, garbage, and recycling;
  3. If my IKEA desk chair arrives today, assemble that;
  4. Clean up the kitchen, put dishes in dishwasher, make it look tidy;
  5. Get dry laundry folded, dry wet laundry, fold next dry laundry;
  6. Go to the grocery shop when it stops raining; and
  7. Do some minor remaining tweaks and research for my outline.

Wow! I have my work cut out for me. Luckily, I’m nearly done step one. I have one box here in the living room, and two boxes in my bedroom. Since some repairs need to take place for my to load books onto my bookshelf, those will remain packed for the time being. As for everything else, well, I just need some willpower! The willpower that I was all out of yesterday.

As promised, I will be keeping up with my progress here at my blog. Comments to stir me on would be greatly appreciated!

Wish me luck!

The 3-Day Novel Contest

Over the Labour Day long weekend, I am going to be participating in the 3-Day Novel Contest for the first time.

For those who have not heard of this contest, it is a contest in which insane people try to write a 30-50K word/100 page novel in just three days. (For those keeping track, that’s more than 10,000 words per day.) You then submit this novel to the judges and one lucky person get published!

I’m participating in this mostly for the fun of it. Half of me doesn’t expect to actually complete anything I can send in, but I figure this is a good experience and an excellent reason to dedicate the entire weekend to writing.

I have an idea for the novel I want to write. It’s historical fiction and I’ve begun an outline. I hope to have all my research done pre-contest weekend; mostly because I want to turn off the internet (in the immortal words of Ze Frank: “Stop hitting up your Facebook like it’s a crack pipe, keep the browser closed!“).

I’m planning on keeping this blog up-to-date with progress from the contest. I’m thinking this will consist of a short post at the end of each day with my general feelings and perhaps a word count. I would very much like to make a blog post about my experience over the weekend. Harass me a bit if I don’t have it up within a week!

Thanks for reading. See you soon.