My Projects

Here’s a list of all the projects bouncing around in my brain.

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The New Romantics
Perform on stage. Jump off a cliff. Get a tattoo. Joce Martin’s bucket list is what’s going to get her through her senior year after that disastrous encounter with pretty boy Mathieu Tremblay. Mat says she’s too uptight to be a normal teenager. She’s determined prove him wrong.

Mat Tremblay, on the other hand, is aggressively normal: popular, attractive, and a bit of a screw up. Reviving the tradition of the senior year prank, he streaks through the senior assembly during the principal’s speech. But unlike all the other times Mat’s screwed up, this time he’s not getting away with it so easily.

Mat’s parents, ever creative in their punishments, enlist Joce – their good-girl neighbour – as his chaperone for the year. For Joce, that’s a hard pass; their shared history is something she avoids at all costs. But Mat makes Joce an offer she can’t refuse: he’ll help her with her bucket list if she helps get his parents off his back. As they tackle the missteps and misadventures of senior year together, Mat can’t contain his feelings for Joce. But for Joce, trusting Mat again – and giving him another chance to bring her carefully constructed world crashing down – is scarier than anything on her bucket list.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Status: Complete and Querying

It Gives a Lovely Light
A story about how domestic violence and alcoholism can destroy a family and a person, but also about how second chances at first loves and found families can change the course of even the most seemingly damaged life.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Status: Editing

The Scars We Bear
A story about learning to believe a person is not defined by the worst things they’ve done, earning second chances at life and love is something everyone deserves, and recovery is a long journey, but worth making.
Genre: Upper YA Contemporary
Status: Drafting

Jamie All Over
A story about family, grief, and the misguided things we do for the people we love.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Status: Drafting

A Soft Place to Land
A story about holding onto the people who are important, letting go of those who hold you back, and figuring out how to tell the difference.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Status: Draft in progress at ~15K words, temporarily shelved

The Things She Left Behind
A story about the fragile relationship between a mentally ill mother and the daughter left to pick up the pieces, told in alternating timelines from the present day and childhood memories.
Genre: Adult Women’s Fiction
Status: Someday

All of This Everything
A story about the effect familial emotional abuse has on self-worth, a person’s world-view, and their mental health, and how found families can help heal the damage.
Genre: YA Contemporary
Status: Zero draft complete with no plans for further work