It’s My 25th Birthday Today

I’m 25 today.

It’s a little bit weird, to be honest. I always thought 25 would feel differently, but I still feel like a kid. A kid with their own house and a job, sure, but still a kid. It makes me think that I should have accomplished more by now, or dug in better roots at least. I’m sure everyone feels like this at major milestone birthdays and I’m no different. My “quarter life crisis” is completely unremarkable.

I’m not going to include any apologies or promises here about how this blog has been run. Every so often, I promise myself that I’ll change and I’ll be pretty good for a few weeks before slipping into old habits. I like to think this time will be different, but I doubt it will. If I want change, I have to change first so I’ll try. Maybe that includes updating this blog more regularly, maybe it doesn’t. I do hope, though, that it does involve more reading, writing, and submitting than what I’ve been doing in the past few months.

Thanks for sticking around. I know it hasn’t been easy for either of us.