The Evolution of a Poem

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Less Than Forward Slash Three (Extended Edition)

I find it amazing
That you cannot actually see
Out of the corners of your eyes
Your brain
Instead of seeing the blackness that actually exists there
Fills in images
Of what it thinks is there

So, every time you see something out of the corner of your eye
Not just the small movements
Of a nervous subconscious but
Your most peripheral vision
It’s because your brain is assuming it’s there
It’s an assumption
An educated guess
Based on the images you see when you look around

That’s why I see you

I see you in the corners of my eyes because
Even my unconscious, rational mind
Cannot understand why
You’re not there
You wouldn’t be here
but I see your face
in the faces of dark men
on street corners and in shops

There are days when
I miss you so much
I will walk up to the dark stranger
Ask him his name, and apologize
As if I didn’t know it wasn’t you

There are pieces of you everywhere
I collect them like pieces of coloured glass
That you find on a beach

Maybe I can make another you

It seems like what may be happening this National Poetry Month is you’ll be witnessing the birth of a poem and its evolution. Sharp eyes will recognize the beginning of this poem as Saturday’s poem. This poem still isn’t complete. Whether it just needs editing, lengthening, shortening, or all of the above, you’ll have to wait and see during the next installment of my National Poetry Month series!

Same bat time, same bat channel. Stay tuned!


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