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Query Critique

Submission Package

Many agents ask for more than just a query letter. They can also ask for the first five or ten pages (or more) and maybe a synopsis. This service allows you to get your submission package in the best shape it can be so when you get those requests, you'll be ready! In this package, three passes of the query and one pass of the pages and synopsis is included. 
Query letters are your first chance to impress an agent. You want to make sure it's the best it can be! With this service, I'll take a look at your query and give you feedback on how to improve. For $50, we can do three passes to really make sure it shines. 
  • One pass - $25
  • Three passes - $50

See examples of query critiques by me  here.
  • Query and first ten pages - $80
  • Query, synopsis, and first ten pages - $100
  • Query, synopsis, and first fifty pages - $150

See examples of my  query critiques or first page critiques

Starting at $25

Starting at $80


Writing is hard. Many writers find it hard to get going, stay motivated, and get things done. Some can benefit from one-on-one coaching. I can sit down with you, online or in person, and we can figure out your goals and how to reach them. 
  • ​​At $30 per hour, we can meet at regular intervals and talk about how to reach your goals. Do you need deadlines? Writing tips? A cheerleader? 
  • At 10 standard manuscript pages per session, I can take a look at what you're writing, see if you're heading in a direction that makes sense, and give you a boost!
  • I offer a free 30-minute consultation after you've filled out the questionnaire to see if we'd be a good fit for each other. 

Starting at $30 per session

  1. "Averill gives expert editorial feedback in a gentle, constructive, and honest way that make rewrites easy and enjoyable."
    - Joy Campbell, non-fiction project
  2. "I like to think of Averill's critique like the missing ingredient in my stew. I know there's something off about it and I'm not sure what it is - but then Averill throws in her sage advice on complex characters and narrative structure, and the story magically begins to come together."
    - Cassandra Tavares, fiction project
  3. "Averill is a thoughtful, insightful, knowledgeable and critical editor. As a member of her young adult fiction writing group, I have found Averill a passionate and creative writer herself, who is also able to effectively provide me with feedback. Her constructive criticism is consistently meaningful and the alterations she suggests are clear and manageable."
    - Elise Ring, fiction project
  4. "I met Averill in 2016 when I joined the OWC's East End YA Critique Circle. From our first meeting, I have benefited greatly from her strong knowledge of the writing process as well as her skill in shaping plots, and creating fully developed characters and captivating prose. She provides well-considered feedback, looking not only at the text I've submitted, but beyond, noting if each scene progresses my plot and is true to my characters' voices. I appreciate that she doesn't shy away from honest comments, but ensures they are supportive and encouraging."
    - Lisa Foerstner, fiction project
Creative Writing Education
I'm  writer located in Ottawa, Canada. I'm currently working on my B.Ed in Adult Education and have experience in facilitation and content design. I offer a series of prepared workshops as well as ad-hoc webinars on specific topics. I run the blog at where I often post writing tips and upcoming webinars.

Email me for more information and booking, and  join my mailing list for upcoming webinar and workshop information, writing tips, and occasional cat pictures. I am happy to offer workshops online or in person. 

Please contact me for more information. 
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