Averill Elisa Frankes
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About Me
Growing up in small-town Ontario, I’ve always been a writer. From poorly written Xena fan fiction to even worse angsty poetry, I grew up with a pen in my hand. That is, when I wasn’t playing drums in a Scottish pipe and drum marching band (Yes, I wore a kilt) or running around with the local air cadet squadron. (Fun fact: I flew a plane before I drove a car.)

Because I actually wanted to move out of the house one day, I earned a business diploma specializing in aviation and got a job as an analyst at an aviation company in Ottawa. To counter all that math, I write young adult novels on nights, weekends, and lunch hours. I’ve never met a redemption arc I didn’t like (almost), and enemies-to-lovers is my jam. I strive to find that balance between writing about serious issues and swoony romance.

I’m a mental health supporter, Ravenpuff, Tom Hanks superfan, and enthusiastic hugger. I can quote the entirety of The Princess Bride and listen to too much 2000-era pop-punk to be considered cool.

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